Air pollution and children's lungs

Is air pollution really a big deal? Yes, it is!


Pollution is not something our body is designed to breath in. Lungs are supposed to take in clean air and expel carbon dioxide. The small particle pollutants that penetrate into the lungs can cause inflammatory responses, leading to a worsening of pre-existing lung conditions such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, or chest infections. But pollutants can also affect healthy children who can develop symptoms later on.


Evidence shows that children living in inner cities are particularly at risk, but also those living on roads or attending school featuring high level of pollution.


It’s too soon to know the long-term effects of pollution on a healthy child’s lungs, but they are unlikely to be insignificant and can only get worse if lungs continue to breathe in polluted air in their adult life.


It is our responsibility - everybody’s responsibility - to reduce pollution and ensure children breathe clean air.


Leaving the car at home – and walking, scooting or cycling to school – is a step in the right direction.


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For an interesting interview with Dr Colin Wallis is Paediatric Respiratory Consultant and Head of Clinical Service in the Respiratory and Transitional Care Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital