The school run

A new research carried out in the UK by NGO Global Action Plan has highlighted some alarming evidence:

  • Children driven to school are exposed to DOUBLE the pollution inside the vehicle than those walking on busy roads.

Yes, you read right: the air inside a car is twice as polluted as the air outside!


At the same time, new data from the government’s National Travel Survey show that, in England, the percentage of primary school children walking or cycling has fallen from 53% to 51% in 2017.


Considering that the school run represents 25% of the cars on the road during morning peak time, parents and staff are in a very good position to make a substantial contribution to traffic and pollution reduction if they choose to leave the car at home and walk or cycle instead.


Clean Air Heroes understands that it is not possible for everyone to find a pollution-free alternative for the school run, but we believe that everyone should contribute, whether it is one day a week, one week a month or one month per term…to start with.


Clean Air Heroes helps schools work towards creating cleaner air to breathe on their way to class.