Why join

Are your school’s efforts to reduce traffic around the school gates not working?


Is there an urgent need to ease the tension between parents parking in nearby road and local residents?


Is your school looking for an effective (but at the same time not too time-consuming) way to encourage active travel among pupils and staff? An activity which is not just a one-off, but which can become part of the school’s environmental ethos?


Does your school want to be part of a larger community aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of the school run through an activity which will benefit more than just the pupils and the environment, but which also have the value-added advantage of contributing (without paying a penny) to protect the black and white rhinos of South Africa?


Would you like to join the efforts for securing cleaner air to the young generation and to communities at large? Clean Air Heroes helps your school with tackling all that.


Join us and run the activity in your school. You will not regret it.